October News

Here are some news regarding October-November 2008 in Snowchange Co-op.

In October 2008 we have been hard at work to organize Snowchange 2008. Full programme will be ready in late October. Registration remains open.

We have confirmed participants from

  • the Gwitchin Nation in Tsiigehtchic, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • Inuit from Nunavut in Canada
  • Kwakwakwala Nation in British Columbia, Canada
  • Finnish subsistence and local communities
  • Reindeer herders from Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia
  • Several prominent Maori representatives from Aoteoroa

Negotiations are under way to bring delegates from

  • Sto:lo Nation, BC, Canada
  • Saami, Finland
  • Northern Aboriginal communities in Australia

In October 12-14th mr. Vladimir Vasiliev and ms. Maria Krivtsova from the Northern Forum Academy visited Selkie village in  North Karelia, Finland to discuss Snowchange 2008 and Sakha participation as well as plans for community work in 2009.

On the last week of October Snowchange Cooperative will participate in the Saami Congress in Rovaniemi, Finland. A poster series has been developed to showcase Saami-Snowchange cooperation over 2001-2009.

New community interviews have taken place in Lovozero and Piras communities in the framework of Saami Council Snowchange cooperation.

In November Snowchange will participate in workshops in Anchorage, Alaska, USA to discuss ELOKA and traditional knowledge as well as a community visit to Unalakleet, Snowchange partner village since 2002.

More news in November!
Tero Mustonen, Snowchange Co-op

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