April News

Greetings from Snowchange!

Spring is upon us and several actions are under way.

The first book of the Snowchange Sakha work 2004-2009 has been released: Karhun väen ajast-aikojen avartuva avara – The Never-Ending and Unfolding Life-world of the Peoples of the Bear is available now! Please contact us for more information.

In late April the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Summit will take place in  Alaska – we are represented by Inupiaq woman Victoria Hykes-Steere and Chief Vyacheslav Shadrin of the Yukagir peoples from Sakha, Russia.

A delegate from the Taranaki Maori will visit Finland in April, 2009. As well a delegation of Chukchi and Even peoples will visit Karelia and Saami areas in April-May.

20th-24th May will be a workshop devoted to the Kola Saami traditional knowledge and current issues.

More news as Spring proceeds.
Tero Mustonen

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