September News

Snowchange will attend the meeting of the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment in Vancouver Sept. 1st to 2nd. Co-inciding with this visit we will visit as well our partners in the Sto:lo and other First Nations of the area.

Land use and occupancy project in Kola Saami areas in cooperation with the Saami Council is in full swing and second community workshop is expected to be held in Krasnochelje  some time later in the Autumn or winter. Maps and data are being analyzed from the Sevettijärvi meeting in May.

We are participating in the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment-IPCCA which is slowly building momentum on the road to the COP in Copenhagen.

Preparations for the first ever Kolyma Chukchi Conference are underway in Kolyma and in Turvaurgin nomadic community. Tentative dates are for April 2010. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Domestically we are working on traditional seine fishing events, exhibitions from the Snowchange artists and handicrafts people and await for the full Autumn to arrive, and of course, the first SNOW!

If any questions, please take contact.
Tero Mustonen, Head of International Affairs

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