October News

Greetings – the first snow is here!

Autumn news from Snowchange HQ

In September we participated in meetings in Vancouver, Canada regarding the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment. As well several First Nations partners were met and future plans made.

Arctic Biodiversity Assessment meetings continued in Oulu and Rovaniemi over the past 2 weeks and now participation from Nenets, Murmansk and Sakha regions of Russian Federation is being planned.

Training of the two solar panel engineer women from Kolyma, Siberia is complete. Despite some last minute problems both women have returned to tundra and the next steps of implementation of this unique pilot project are under way.

The Maori of Te Hurihanga Haupapa are meeting to plan their participation in the Kolyma Chukchi Conference for April 2010 which we will post more information on later in the year.

The work regarding Saami is proceeding as well – plans are made to have “Eastern Saami Atlas” published in 2010 with land use and occupancy maps regarding Kola. As well the community of Sevettijärvi is being considered a pilot region for the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment work, www.ipcca.net

We will keep you posted on other developments! Take contact if questions
Tero Mustonen

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