End of the year for Snowchange activities

Record high temperatures are preventing the ice net fishing season in Karelia and the Saami reindeer herders of Sweden and Finland as well as Kola are suffering from warmest temperatures on record. However, several activities are under way here:

COP and Copenhagen

Snowchange will participate in the UNFCCC COP in Copenhagen in the frame of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment as well as Saami work. We have prepared a poster session and a booklet and our representative in Copenhagen will be mrs. Jessica LeClair.

First Snowchange related event will be at Klimaforum on the 9th from 16.00 to 18.00. in Venue 3. It will include short presentations and the poster sessions. Next sessions will be annouced at the Klimaforum. The booklets and posters are available as PDF from here, please ask.

Visit of Australian Aboriginals to Selkie and to Sevettijärvi

Following the steps outlined in the Mahinekura Declaration, one year old now, a visit from Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways (TKRP)will take place Dec 1st to 10th. Visits and public events will be made to Saami areas and to the village of Selkie.

“TKRP was developed from the aspirations of Indigenous Elders, to preserve and recognise Traditional Indigenous Knowledge. Through a grass roots methodology, we are connecting indigenous groups to their traditional knowledge for the benefit of environmental and community wellbeing – for all present and future generations.”

Other international events

Progress and work on the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment, Eastern Saami Atlas and Chukchi Conference for April 2010 continues as desribed before.

Please contact if any questions

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