January News

Belated Happy New Year!

In late December cooperation talks were held with the Sakha-Yakutia representatives and a visit to the seal hunter and farming communities, such as Kristnes was made in Iceland. New year brings a very active period for our work:

  1. Arctic Biodiversity Assessment Work
    Arctic Biodiversity Assessment work is on-going and Snowchange will participate in the next Author Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark in March 2010.
  2. Visit to Sakha-Yakutia and Chukchi Conference 2010
    A large delegation from Finland will travel in March and April to Sakha-Yakutia. Visits will be made to the reindeer camps of the Evenk brigade #4 in Iengra, as well as new climate change and traditional knowledge work will begin in Taatta region in the Sakha village of Tuora Kel. The visit will culminate in 9th to 12th April with tundra visits and the Chukchi Conference to be held in Kolymskaya, Lower Kolyma.
  3. Work on the Nomadic Schools and School Cooperation with Alaska
    Tentatively Snowchange delegates will make a presentation on nomadic schools at the 12th ISE Conference in Tofino, BC, Canada in mid May. Visits to partner First Nations communities will be made as well. After that a visit is planned to Inupiaq village of Unalakeleet, Alaska, USA in the frame of the Selkie-Unalakleet school cooperation.
  4. Publications
    Work on Eastern Saami Atlas as well as a photo book on Eurasian reindeer herding communities is on-going and we expect these books to be published in Autumn.
  5. Workshops
    The “Making Saami Knowledge Live Again” Project has received further funding and we expect to hold community workshops in Krasnochelye and Lovozero over Autumn 2010 – Spring 2011.
  6. Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment
    The Sevettijärvi Skolt Saami community has begun the work with the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment in partnership with Snowchange. One of the first steps is to have Saami participation in a IPCAA Workshop to be held April 1st to 9th in Panama.

If any questions, please take contact!
Tero Mustonen, International affairs, Snowchange Co-op

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