November News

Unusually warm November starts the work here in Snowchange HQ. Some of the results from the Siberian community work have been published  in the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment – 2010. Highlights available here.

The visits to British Columbia in October were successful. New exchanges of knowledge and practices were carried out with the Namgis First Nations people in Alert Bay, BC, Canada.

Both the Sámi perspective of Lokka and Porttipahta reservoirs in Finland and the second major publication the Eastern Sámi Atlas are headed for layout and  printers towards the end of the year.

Snowchange will organise in cooperation with the Eastern Sámi partners a  series of workshops and media events with the release of the Eastern Sámi Atlas in February 2011. The major event will be a traditional knowledge workshop in Lovozero, Russia 5th to 6th February, 2011. Full programme and news will be posted here in December.

As the year is drawing to a close we continue plans for 2011 and advance all existing projects. Take contact if any questions – Tero

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