Summer News

In March – April 2011 further dissemination of the Eastern Saami Atlas took place in Finland. Community visits to Norya, Udmurtia, Russia were carried out in April 2011 in the framework of traditions and school cooperation. In May 2011 community visits to Vuotso, Ivalo, Nellim, Nesseby and Utsjoki in Saami areas were made, and interviews with the Saami Radio were given about the hydroelectrity and Saami in Vuotso.

In May new Snowchange webpages were opened and another workshop was held in Lovozero, Murmansk, Russia on the dissemination of the Eastern Saami Atlas. Over the summer dissemination events will continue in Sevettijärvi, Finland (27th June 2011). From July 31st to 4th August the Steering Committee of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment will be held in Sevettijärvi, Finland. Take contact if needed and please visit our new shop here (in Finnish)!

All the best
Tero Mustonen

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