November – December News

Snowchange organised together with the IPCCA the Indigenous Workshop on
Climate Change in the Skolt Saami village of Sevettijärvi together with
participants from Panama, Peru, India, Thailand, USA and others. The
declaration from Sevettijärvi is available here.

In October we participated in the RIO + 20 preparatory meetings in
Helsinki, which were EU-wide events getting ready for the June 2012 event
in Rio De Janeiro.

In November Snowchange gave several presentations in Rovaniemi, Finland at
the “Making Marginalized Voices Heard” Workshop which was organised by the
United Nations Association of Finland – thank you to the organisers and
participants for this event. The second edition of Drowning Reindeer Saami
publication was released during the workshop too.

In mid-November Siberian participants of the Snowchange network, mr. Pyotr
Kaurgin from the nomadic Chukchi community of Turvaurgin in Republic of
Sakha-Yakutia as well as the Chief Vyaceslav Shadrin of the Yukaghir
people from Sakha-Yakutia together with Tero Mustonen participated in the
ELOKA Workshop in Colorado, USA. This event was to discuss the recently
launched English homepages of the Snowchange work in Yakutia. These pages
can be accessed here.

As well the Yukaghir people have opened their own excellent homepages at – please check them out too!

20th November Alexey Kanichev, the Snowchange coordinator for Murmansk
region, together with the local Saami Yevgeni Kirillov organised a
workshop number 2 devoted to the Russian discussions of the Eastern Saami
Atlas in Lovozero village, Murmansk, Russia. The event was a success with
17 Saami participating.

In December Snowchange will be involved in the following events:

  • Preparation of the third workshop for Kola Saami and the Atlas;
  • Launch of the “Vaara-Karjalan kulttuuriperintöhanke” – a new project
    devoted to traditions and revitalisation of villages in North Karelia,
  • Continued work with the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment;
  • Other processes of the Snowchange international work

Please take contact if any questions!


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