January – February News

Best of 2012 from Snowchange Cooperative!

The year has started off actively in a number of forums. We are busy finishing “Metsäveri” – the life histories and oral stories of Aslak Ola Aikio (1931-2004), one of the last great hunters of the Sámi people. He was from Utsjoki.

Implementation of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment grant for the Skolt Sámi in Sevettijärvi is well underway – first local meetings regarding documentation of observations and co-management of Atlantic Salmon on the River Näätämöjoki have been held in early 2012. They will continue in January-February.

Workshops devoted to the Eastern Sámi Atlas dissemination will continue in Lovozero, Murmansk, Russia in January.

We plan to take part in the UNU Workshop on Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Mitigation in Cairns, Australia with both Finnish and Siberian delegations in late March 2012. Following this event cooperation talks will be held with the Traditional Knowledge Revitalisation Pathways project and Australian Aboriginals.

In April we will participate in the “EcoCultures” Workshop at the University of Essex, UK as well as the various Arctic events in Montreal, Canada.

Domestically community work on restoration of Jukajoki river proceeds in Selkie as well as the school work, interviews with the old fishermen took place in December 2011 in Pirkanmaa and regular activities continue.

The annual meeting of Snowchange Co-op is to be held January 27th-29th, 2012 in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Take contact if any questions – tero

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