Summer News

Snowchange Cooperative will be active in the summer 2012 in various works.
In early June our coordinator Vladimir Vasiliev from Sakha-Yakutia,
Siberia will be visiting the Finnish member communities. Later in June a
delegation from the Kwakwakwala First Nations from British Columbia,
Canada will visit Selkie, Äimälä and Tampere region. Also a visit to
Jokkmokk in Sweden is planned.

Workshops will be organized in Murmansk region and Sevettijärvi areas of the Eastern Saami proper. Community-based monitoring and observations from Näätämö river will be made through the summer 2012 with the Skolt Saami in Sevettijärvi.

Monitoring and implementation of the solar panel project will continue in
Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia.
“Metsäveri” – the oral histories of Aslak Ola Aikio has sold fast – 2/3 of
the printing is gone! Order quickly if you wish to have your own copy!
Sunny summer from Snowchange Co-op!

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