September News

Summer is over and Snowchange Co-op work proceeds with full speed. Over
the summer documentation of Skolt Saami observations of salmon changes
were carried out along the Neiden river on the Finnish side.

Simultaneously over 55 people were interviewed along the Ponoi river in Murmansk Region on their views of biodiversity and climate change – this included faraway villages of Sosnovka, Krasnochelye and Kanevka.                                                                               First results of this summer documentation will be released in a community workshop in Lovozero, Murmansk, Russia in late September. Visit to Sevettijärvi and Neiden, Norway will be made too.

In August Chris Madine from the Arkleton Trust and Snowchange
representatives travelled over 1400 kilometrest along the East Siberia Sea
and Kolyma rivers to assess the success of the solar panel project and
initiatives for nomadic education with Turvaurgin, Nutendli and Podhovsk
communities in the Nizni Kolyma region, Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Russia.
Visit to Iengra, Evenk village in Southern Saha was made too. Plans to
release the Atlas of the Evenk Peoples were made for 2013-2014.

Domestically work in improvement of the Jukajoki watershed was conducted
in North Karelia, Finland. Seining took place in Muuratjärvi, Central

4th September 2012 Snowchange Cooperative celebrates the long-standing
career of Eero Murtomäki, one of the resident Elders in the Co-op, by
organising a book launch event and a seminar in ”Metso”, in Tampere,
Finland. ”Kaarne – tietolintu”, a career-spanning book on the role and
beings of raven in the Finnish and Saami culture including several oral
and optic histories will be released too. Photographic materials are
derived from 1950s to 2010s.

Meanwhile preparations for the book on Jokkmokk Saami oral histories and
other materials in the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment process continues.
Take contact if questions.
Tero Mustonen

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