November – December News

Over the past two months a lot of work has been done on the oral histories
of the communities in North Karelia, Finland. On 23rd November 2012
Snowchange Co-op releases the publication of oral histories collected from
Jorma Sonninen, a subsistence fisherman and a former frontier guard who
was stationed at the Baltic Sea island of Bågaskär.

Secondly in the ecosystem restoration project for Jukajärvi and Jukajoki watershed over 30 oral history interviews have been completed. Preparation of co-management
and restoration report is underway, expected to be completed in spring.
Simultaneously, the co-management and traditional knowledge work for
Neiden and Ponoi river watersheds in Finland, Norway and Russia proceeds -
in November archival materials on the climate records, engagement with the
salmon tourist companies in Murmansk and analysis of interviews was
carried out.

Snowchange Cooperative joins ranks with the Arctic Council, Sámi
organisations and other international and national bodies to voice our
concern for the clamp-down on the Russian Association of Indigenous
Peoples of the North, Far East and Siberia. We hope both the internal
disputes of the organisation and the state pressures can be quickly solved
and our cooperation continue.

Work has actively also taken place in the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment -
both on the Traditional Knowledge Compendium and the science report
itself, due out in 2013 or early 2014. Additionally preparatory work for
Indigenous knowledge inclusion into the Arctic Resilience Report has
Solar Panel project continues with additional funds being sought out.
take contact if questions.

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