Second Workshop on Sámi Oral Histories from Jokkmokk, Sweden

Second Workshop on Sámi Oral Histories from Jokkmokk, Sweden – 5th March
2013 –
17th January 2013 Version – Updates Expected
Tero Mustonen, Ph D, Snowchange Cooperative, Finland

Organisers: Snowchange Cooperative and United Nations Association of
Finland in cooperation with the Nordregio, and local Sámi organisations
and individuals
Place:  Sparbanken Hall, Ajtte Sámi Museum, Jokkmokk, Sweden
Languages: English, Sámi and Swedish when appropriate
1. Themes and Contents of Second Workshop on Sámi Oral Histories from
Jokkmokk, Sweden
This second workshop devoted to the Sámi oral history materials collected
from Jokkmokk and adjacent regions in Swedish part of Sápmi is devoted to
reviewing and discussing the upcoming scholarly book on the issues to be
released in Autumn 2013. After brief opening statements the scope,
materials, traditional customary rights and respect for listening
Indigenous knowledge holders (in this case the reindeer herders and other
Sámi who have provided materials 2003-2012) will be discussed. We wish to
organise a low-key, welcoming and informal meeting but still with relevant
and important themes to make sure the upcoming publication in Autumn 2013
is done properly and all viewpoints are respected according to
international standards of free, informed and prior consent. Scientific
and NGO organisations who have made the process possible will take part in
the process too. The First Workshop with selected individuals who have
shared their knowledge was organised in June 2012 and a concluding event
will be organised in Autumn 2013 to coincide with the release of the book.

2. Tentative Programme of the Second Workshop on Sámi Oral Histories from
Jokkmokk, Sweden – 5th March 2013 Tuesday
10.00 Opening of the Workshop: Researchers Tero Mustonen and Eija
Syrjämäki, Snowchange Co-op, Finland
10.10 – 11.00 Opening Statements (10 minutes each) from local Sámi and
other organisations. The purpose of these views is to frame the discussion
into the contemporary context and relevance for the Jokkmokk region:
A. A View on the Process from the local Sámi Community: Jenni Laiti (To be
B. A Word from the Jokkmokk Municipality: Silva Herrmann (To be confirmed)
C. Laponiatjuottjudus World Heritage Park: Åsa N Jonsson, Director
D. United Nations Association of Finland: Project Coordinator Jenni Kauppila
E. WWF Sweden (to be confirmed) / Ajtte?
11.00 – 12.00 The Sámi Oral Histories from Jokkmokk, Sweden Project and
Arctic Biodiversity Assessment: Tero Mustonen, Head of International
Activities, Snowchange Cooperative, Finland [as well the Traditional
Knowledge Coordinator for Eurasia, Arctic Biodiversity Assessment, Arctic
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch Break
13.00 – 16.00 Free and open discussion on the themes of the day with
Coffee Breaks in-between
Snowchange Cooperative –

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