First one is Arctic Resilience Report, available here.

And secondly, the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF), the biodiversity working group of the Arctic Council has released the “Arctic Biodiversity Assessment (ABA)”, a report containing the best available science informed by traditional ecological knowledge on the status and trends of Arctic biodiversity and accompanying policy recommendations for biodiversity conservation.

To accompany the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment report and the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment Synthesis, CAFF has prepared a summary of the key findings and developed policy recommendations in an Arctic Biodiversity Assessment Report for Policy Makers (available in English, Russian and Inuktitut). These documents, as well as a press release (available in English, Finnish and Inuktitut) and additional information for partners and members of the press (photos, videos, backgrounders) can be found on the ABA website, which we hope you will visit.

The ABA, involving over 250 scientists has been produced by some of the world’s leading experts and was presented to the Foreign Ministers of the Arctic Council countries at the Arctic Council Ministerial on May 15. This major circumpolar effort provides a much needed description of the state of biodiversity in the Arctic. The ABA:

  • creates a baseline for use in global and regional assessments of Arctic biodiversity which will inform and guide future Arctic Council work;
  • provides up-to-date knowledge gathered from scientific publications supplemented with insights from traditional knowledge holders;
  • identifies gaps in the data record;
  • describes key mechanisms driving change; and
  • presents science-based suggestions for action on addressing major pressures on Arctic biodiversity.

Please feel free to forward this information to interested colleagues.

If you have any questions please contact:

Mark Marissink
ABA Steering Committee Chair
+46 10 698 1334

Tom Barry
Executive Secretary, CAFF International Secretariat
+354 861 9824

Courtney Price
Communications Officer, CAFF International Secretariat
+354 462-3353

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