After the succesful release of Arctic Biodiversity Assessment, Arctic
Resilience Report and the Neiden-Ponoi Collaborative Management Plans,
Snowchange participates in the launch of a management and restoration plan
for the heavily damaged Jukajoki watershed in North Karelia on 8th June
2013 in Alavi village, Joensuu.

The work in Murmansk region as well as in the Skolt Sámi homeland will
continue with the extended funding from Nordic Council of Ministers and
the United Nations University to disseminate and implement the
collaborative management steps for the Atlantic Salmon. Several workshops
will be held in the wilderness communities on Kola Peninsula about Ponoi

Preparations are under way for a major new Sámi publication, tentatively
titled ”Oral Histories of Sámi of Jokkmokk, Sweden” to be released in
Jokkmokk, Sweden on 19th October 2013.

All baseline work processes continue in Siberia, Sámi areas, North Karelia
and other member communities and partnerships of Snowchange. Send
questions and comments! Snowchange wishes a great summer to everybody –
next major updates in August!


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