International Steering Committee Established

Following the administrational changes of 2014, Snowchange establishes a formal steering committee.

These individuals have been steering the work of Snowchange for almost 15 years in their home regions, but with the formal establisment of the committee, we secure the direct participation of the several Indigenous and local leaders in our work.

Snowchange has an international steering committee consisting currently of 17 peoples around the world, of which 15 are recognized Indigenous leaders in their respective areas. Members include Inuit, Inupiaq, Kwakwakwala, Sámi, Even, Yukaghir, Sakha, Australian Aboriginal, Maori and other peoples. The steering committee together with the Snowchange HQ coordinates all international activities of Snowchange in 2014. Snowchange will remain a Finnish organisation, with a legal status of a “cooperative” in Finland.

Steering committee will make more announcements later in the year about composition and directions.

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