Jokkmokk Sámi Book Reviewed

The prestigious “Arctic” Journal in Canada has reviewed the 2013 Snowchange Sámi book  “It is the Sámi Who Own This Land”. In addition to critical remarks, Gudrun Norstedt from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences writes:

“…The most interesting part of the book is the section dedicated to a socio-ecological analysis of the issues that emerge from the oral histories. These issues include Sámi knowledge, reindeer herding, Sámi language, hydroelectric development, mining, and weather change. The scale of impact of each issue on the Sámi is assessed along with their responses. To my knowledge, an assessment of this kind has never been undertaken in Sweden before. The section should be compulsory reading for politicians and others responsible for the development of Sámi areas….

I would recommend the book for anyone interested in understanding the full extent of the impact that changes in the surrounding society have had on Sami culture in Jokkmokk.”


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