Snowchange Co-op releases its first radio play

Snowchange Co-op has released its first radio play, titled “Kertomuksia näistä ajoista – Stories of These Times”.

This 56 minute radio play travels from Sámi lands to Siberia, from North Karelia, Finland to Ontario, Canada. It seeks to understand and come to terms with the changes under way in the boreal North, as viewed from the respective traditions of the local peoples. Central to the play is a dialogue between the late knowledge holder, leader of the Even peoples, Vasilii Robbek, and the members of the Snowchange Co-op. A powerful message of survival and re-birth of tradition emerges from the encounters across the North – while all changes, the people in the tundra and taiga can survive, if tradition and connections to the land are renewed.

Play is first released in Finnish.

Radio play was written by Tero and Kaisu Mustonen, and produced by the Snowchange Co-op and is available as MP3 here.

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