Summer is Here

In early June, Snowchange work was featured at the University of Leeds, UK
and then we had extensive meetings with our local coordinator Chris
Madine, from Newcastle, to introduce tradition-based outdoor education,
especially to do with place names, fisheries, and the North Sea, in
Newcastle, UK.
Later in the summer mr. Madine will visit the Gaia Institute in the UK to
see if there are overlaps with the Indigenous and local community work
Snowchange does – they seem to be good in letting the communities steer
the work that needs to be happening.
Up in Utsjoki, Saami area, Rio Tinto-affiliated mining company wishes to
harvest diamonds in Teno river area.
Snowchange is heavily involved in the Saami traditional knowledge discussions and assists the community leaders in the dialogue and resistance.

We are still moving in June with two fronts:
a. Government of India and associated parties are working with us to see, towards August, if we can find a substantial new support for the solar panel work in Siberia.
b. We are still planning the South Pacific – Siberia tour in mid to late November to visit all of you there “down under” and get things moving with the Australian Indigenous partners and Maori.

Collaborative management efforts continue in the Neiden watershed and Ponoi. Extensive workshops in the remote wilderness villages of Ponoi will be organised and a poster exhibit later in the year. On Neiden, all work proceeds to document this summers changes and move ahead with restoration activities.

In mid-June, a reported from the US visited the two watershed restoration projects underway in Boreal zone of Finland, lake Kuivasjärvi and familiarized also with the Jukajoki project. Outcomes will be shared here once they are ready.

Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions will be organised in Sevettijärvi, Finland in late September, 2014. Expect news of this exciting event here in early August. International delegations are expected from the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia and Hanti-Mansia, Siberia.

Lastly our bream and ide fisheries are in full “bloom”, you can see photos, in Finnish here.

Best for the Midsummer!!!!


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