News for October and November

Everybody is busy with Autumn fisheries and preparations for the South Pacific tour of the Autumn here at Snowchange HQ. In October we have focused on getting several science papers ready for release based on the 2014 work, and enjoying the UN coverage of the Festival. Snowchange also welcomes the team from the Pretty Good Films to film a long documentary about the efforts in the village of Selkie and Jukajoki starting 17th October.

On 5th November the South Pacific tour of partners, events and member communities begins. Firstly we ll be attending the Indigenous and Local Community Conserved Areas Workshops in Sydney (by the IUCN and ICCA) until 12th November. Then do not miss Snowchange key note at the opening plenary of the World Parks Congress (see their website for webcasts) on the 13th. We ll be attending the WPC until 17th.

From 17th to 25th there are community visits in Northern Australia and Aoteoaroa – NZ with the key Snowchange partners in Down Under. From there journey continues to Sakha-Yakutia, where member communities from the Kolyma region will be met and work for the 2015 discussed.

Check back here for regular news!

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