Energy Globe 2015 Finland Award to Snowchange Project in Selkie – a Billion TV Viewers to See the Gala

picture1The Jukajoki restoration project, coordinated by Snowchange Cooperative, and located in Selkie and Alavi villages, North Karelia, Finland, has received a significant recognition. It has been awarded the “Energy Globe 2015″ Award by the Energy Globe Foundation in Austria for a best National Project in the field of environmental work.

The Jukajoki restoration project has received past accolades from UNEP and domestic sources as a project which combines the traditional knowledge of the local villagers with latest science. The river basin was a subject of fish deaths in 2010-2011, caused by industrial peat mining. Since those days, the project has emerged as a largest environmental restoration project in Eastern Finland.

For example the Linnunsuo Wetland Unit that has been created has emerged as a nationally significant wader bird habitat. All in all over 2,7 million euros has been spent on the project so far, with a target date of 2025 when trout might make a comeback to the river.

With the rangers on a 30,000 year old fish trap on the Coral Sea. Victor Steffensen, 2014

With the Djumbunji rangers on a 30,000 year old fish trap on the Coral Sea, QLD, Australia. Jukajoki project has produced cooperation across the world on community-led restoration activities. Victor Steffensen, 2014

This year, the Awards will be given out in Tehran.

On 19th January 2016, Tehran will be the stage for the best environmental projects. In a worldwide TV gala the Energy Globe World Awards will be presented in Tehran/Iran. It is a memorable event since this awarding ceremony will be the first worldwide TV broadcast after the lifting of the sanctions.

But Tehran is not only presenter of the Energy Globe World Awards, at the same time there is also the Green Management Conference. Host of the World Awards is the Iranian Green Management Society which already has been awarding the best national Iranian winners during the last 7 years. This year, more than 177 national winners have already been awarded, and more than 80 of them have announced their coming to Tehran.

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