A Major US Film – Jukajoki – Premiers in Finland in March

Old Map of Jukajoki basin from 1900s

Old Map of Jukajoki basin from 1900s

The US Film Company, PrettyGoodPictures releases their major documentary, Jukajoki, featuring the flagship ecological restoration Snowchange coordinates in boreal Finland.

Traditional knowledge, latest science and village action produces number 1 wader bird habitats, restoration of marshes and lakes, and guides the climate work we need to do in the 21st Century.

In 2010 and 2011, runoff from large peat mining operations caused two massive river contamination events, which lead to major fish die-offs in the Jukajoki River.

I was wondering…why there were so many gulls flying above the river. I, of course, went to see since there must be some reason for that. And fish were floating belly up in the river.”
– Heikki Roivas Fisherman Resident, Selkie

Out of this catastrophe has come a remarkable form of collaborative land and water management based on the shared knowledge and interests of local fisherman, hunters, scientists and even the energy company.

I hope Jukajoki comanagment can provide models all throughout Finland, to enable new styles of management that address the power, the locality, traditional knowledge, and science, so that all of us survive. That’s the basic idea. Everybody has to yield. And everybody has to say: These are the times. These are the issues. But first and foremost what we need in the world are wise decisions.” -Tero Mustonen Founder, Snowchange Cooperative Head of Selkie Village

The Jukajoki River restoration project is an example of how a relatively small, community-led project can quickly materialize and have long-lasting, positive impacts at the local and regional levels.

picture1Director Tom Miller comments on the film:

Jukajoki quickly grew into something much larger and more profound. I came to understand that the river restoration work was grounded not only in sci- ence, but also by long-standing traditions, deep connections with nature, self sufficiency, and love of place. The goal of the villages is both timely and universal: to discover a transformative paradigm that will balance both tradition and modernity – not to discount the past in our rush to the future, but to un- derstand where we’re going and remember where we’ve been.
This was the story I had to try and tell. With the access and support we were granted from the villages of Selkie and Alavi, and with production help from our new friends at Snowchange Cooperative, Jukajoki soon grew into a feature documentary.
One of the best things about being a filmmaker is that as your movie changes, so do you. Our produc- tion was only five short weeks, but my time in the forests and on the lakes had a profound effect on me. It rekindled an intangible something I’ve been missing; maybe a rootedness. As such, the landscape shots, the sound of the ice singing, and the sense of quiet, are some of my favorite parts of the film. And capturing the connections the Finns have with their places, and witnessing the deliberate actions by the villagers to protect their lands and waters, has been an inspiration. It has fueled thinking in myself that I will carry for the rest of my life.
Finland is part of the western world, but it’s also not. There is something different there with lessons for us all. In these quiet villages I’ve seen time slow down. And this has offered me the space to reflect, and to realize something obvious: that the places closest to our hearts are the places we need to protect first. We know them better than anyone. They will inspire and guide us. And, ultimately, it’s up to us to ensure their survival.

Jukajoki features numerous pieces by acclaimed musician, Kimmo Pohjonen.
Finnish accordion adventurist Kimmo Pohjonen is internationally known for revolutionizing accordion music, sound and performance. His custom-made, electrified and MIDI-fied instrument plus voice, effects, samples, surround sound and light show combine to make a unique and captivating performance experience.

JUKAJOKI premiers in Finland on the 3rd March, 2016 with global locations to be announced through out the spring and summer.
UK dates are already confirmed and will be published here later in the spring.

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