Major new website on Ecological Restoration and Traditional Knowledge released

Water measurements in Jukajoki area in 2013. Snowchange, 2015

Water measurements in Jukajoki area in 2013. Snowchange, 2015

Something very positive has emerged in the context of ecological restoration in the North. A US film and research company has been working with Snowchange over the past 2,5 years to develop ground-breaking documentary films on community-led ecological restoration and traditional knowledge work. 

Our basin, Jukajoki, here in Finnish village of Selkie village is one of the main topics for this process. Now the first documentary film, titled “Jukajoki“, has been released.  More importantly for today, the online case study, combining high quality videos, traditional knowledge, science and restoration results, is now out.

Through an interactive web experience, discover how communities in the Caribbean and Finland are finding solutions to the greatest challenge of our time: climate change.

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The OPOE case studies provide practical insights for policymakers, practitioners and local communities on how to support and engage in community-based climate action. They also highlight the important role that community empowerment and traditional knowledge play in implementing climate mitigation and adaptation solutions.

Explore how the villages of Selkie and Alavi came together to create an innovative governance model for watershed restoration in North Karelia, Finland.

The idea of creating case studies on community-based climate action evolved out of the OPOE initiative to better understand what inspires and fuels communities to take action on climate change.

Tired from the persistent narrative of fear and inaction that surrounds climate change, we tell the stories of communities working to leave a legacy of resilience. To inspire action we sought out a novel approach to telling the human stories of climate change. Based on sound and rigorous research, and storytelling that is grounded in lived experience, each case study includes a suite of multi-media assets that provide a direct link to the people and perspectives that are driving these community-based climate actions.

Our experience shows us that climate action is ultimately a trans-disciplinary challenge, one that requires inspiration across sectors and between locations. The OPOE case studies provide practical examples of community-based climate action and complement the personal and inspiring stories that are shared in our documentary films.

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