A Major Community – Based Monitoring Report Out with Snowchange

iceland seal hunt

iceland seal hunt

A new report, “Community-Based Monitoring and Indigenous Knowledge in a Changing Arctic: A Review for the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks”, is out today. It features several Snowchange -related and -coordinated projects across the Arctic, from Sámi communities to the Siberian partners.

This review of community-based monitoring (CBM) in a changing Arctic is based on a multi-year initiative launched in 2012 as a task under the “Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks” (SAON), a network of Arctic observing networks. The goal of the task was to better understand the current state of CBM in the Arctic, with a particular interest in monitoring and observing based on Indigenous Knowledge (IK), and to make recommendations to SAON and the Arctic observing community more broadly about how to support engagement and development of CBM.

The report is available here.

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