Summer news

IMG_8976Summer, albeit very cold at the moment, is here! Snowchange newsletter follows.

In early June we participated in the US-Finnish Arctic Council LEO Workshop on traditional knowledge and observations regarding environmental change. This discussion continues, also with the Sámi from Norway and Sweden.

Work related to Waters

The community programmes are in full swing. Fish traps are in the water in Kesälahti, North Karelia and in Jukajoki river. Ecological restoration work along this catchment area enters its second year in full steam.

IMG_9140Similarly, the work in the Näätämö river catchment area with the Indigenous Skolt Sámi has begun. In late May and early June we conducted site visits to monitor birds, water quality and amounts and the fish situation. We are roughly one month ahead of a ‘normal’, followed by a extreme cold and 8 cm snow in the Skolt areas. Staff will continue to patrol the river in partnership with NordECO project this summer. A field report follows in September. Additional news will be posted through the summer here.

In Kuivasjärvi, in boreal catchment restoration work, we are to release a new Finnish language traditional knowledge book 14th August, 2016 and a seining event will be organised to support this launch.

International Partnerships

This summer, Snowchange teams up with Neil Young when he visits Helsinki! We are invited to his ‘Global Village’ and will be there – happy to meet all visitors on 3rd July, 2016. Snowchange will bring Sámi and Anisnaabe delegations to the event too!

IMG_7563We are tentatively co-organising the Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions 2 in the community of Zhigansk, Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Siberia, Russia 26th to 28th, August, 2016. Watch this space for more announcements.

Arctic Council and other Arctic cooperation continues through the summer. With that – the best of summer to all ! Take contact if questions and updates will be made in early July.

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