October – November

A dead sperm whale on the Sámi coast, Norway, 2007

A dead sperm whale on the Sámi coast, Norway, 2007

Late October Snowchange delegates travel to Warsaw, Poland to participate in the Low Impact Fishermen of Europe Annual Meeting. The season is marked with fisheries for vendace and whitefish.

November will bring a host of publication launches, both scientific articles as well as Arctic Resilience Report, 25th November, 2016. At the end of November and early December, we’ll participate in various Nordic initiatives, including “Pisuna” in Nuuk, Greenland with our partners NORDECO, who coordinates the Nordic Resource Management Project – an attempt to include the local communities better into the decisionmaking and observations of resources in two pilot sites in Finland: Jukajoki and Näätämö Rivers.

Domestically Jukajoki restoration activities will continue towards December, lake Kuivasjärvi basin activities are ready, and plans for 2017 will be made in terms of funding and design preparations. More news here as November gets under way.

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