Interview with BBC and Voices from the IPCC Conference

Coast of Norton Sound, Alaska, USA

Coast of Norton Sound, Alaska, USA

Snowchange attended the recent Cities IPCC Conference in Alberta, Canada. This included an extensive interview with the BBC World Service, available here (at 26.40). The themes in the interview include for example the old Finnish-Karelian songs, role of Indigenous and traditional knowledge in climate change work and our re-wilding and ecological restoration work in the boreal.

The actual panel with the IPCC Conference is available as a podcast here.

Panelists, in order of appearance, included:

  1. Convener: Dr. Fred Wrona, Government of Alberta Presenters
  2. Dr. Brenda Parlee, Univerity of Alberta
  3. Dr. Tirso Gonzales, INTE-PUC
  4. Dr. Leroy Little Bear, University of Lethbridge
  5. Laura Lynes, The Rockies Institute
  6. Dr. Tero Mustonen, Snowchange Cooperative
  7. Dr. Igshaan Samuels, South African Agricultural Research Council

More information on the panel:  Multiple Evidence Based Approach to Knowledge Co-Production to Inform Decision-making Monday, March 5th, 1:00 pm-2:30 pm  A discussion to explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices of braiding Indigenous and scientific knowledge systems to inform climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and programs, particularly as they relate to enhancing resilience of the interdependent urban and rural Indigenous populations. Panelists included representatives from the Government of Alberta, Indigenous experts from around the world, and academia. The Panel session will inform research gaps and recommendations for further work between the science, practice, and policy communities on cities and climate change.  The information will be important input for the IPCC research agenda being developed as an output for the conference. In addition, conference proceedings will also be published that will include contributions from the session.

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