March-April News

winter-netsWinter snows are packing in the Finnish boreal, with no spring in sight. Snowchange round-up from a range of events and news:

  • ICCA Consortium reports on the recent EBSA meeting of the Baltic Sea with Snowchange photos and main results here.
  • Marion Laventure and Antoine Scherer represented the Snowchange Co-op at the recent European Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas Workshop. They shared the experiences of the first ICCAs in Finland, especially Linnunsuo wetland, and participated in a range of discussions on peer reviewing and furthering the ICCA process in Northern Europe.
  • Staff member Chris Madine flies 26th March to Brussels to represent Snowchange and the Kesälahti winter seiners at the Low Impact Fishermen of Europe meeting.
  • Preparations for the third Festival of Northern Fishing Festival is under way in Tornio, Finland with regional partners as well as internationally. Announcements will be made towards summer here.
  • Näätämö river work and seasonal observations are under way. Trout spawning gravel will be transported to Vainosjoki pilot sites starting early April. Discussions on the restoration of the ecological health of the lake Sevettijärvi are under way between Snowchange, Skolt Sámi, municipality of Inari and the regional authorities.
  • New community-based documentation of environmental change will commence along the Ponoi river, Murmansk, this year. More information soon.
  • Jukajoki river restoration moves to a final phase – new wetlands, trout spawning areas, science measurement units and outdoor recreational units will be built this year and 2019 on Linnunsuo and the catchment area.
  • Lake Kuivasjärvi restoration measures will expand in the spring in Western Finland.
  • A documentary film about the Finnish hunter and natue photographer Eero Murtomäki is in the works with the first financial support from the South Bothnia Council. First winter shooting has been completed. Tom Miller from California, USA directs.
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