The Ecologist and POLITICO Report on Snowchange

Swan tracks. Mika Honkalinna / Snowchange

Swan tracks. Mika Honkalinna / Snowchange

The Ecologist is running a longer piece, building on several Snowchange connections, on the need of a new era in conservation: “Our current, dominant forms of conservation are not equal to the task of responding to these new realities; we need urgent reforms.”

The article proposes three-step process: dynamic, endemic and rewilded in order to provide both more equal and more effective actions regarding biodiversity and climate actions.

The article is co-written with Professor Ari Lehtinen who is Professor of Geography at the University of Eastern Finland where his research and teaching focus is on the politics of forests in the age of globalisation, urban renewal and environmental change. In his work Ari examines the ongoing multiscalar internationalisation of the forest industry by analysing and comparing the profiles of major companies.

Politico, EU news outlet, discusses Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and his Arctic initiatives. Article contains also Snowchange commentaries on these policies, available here.

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