Finnair and Snowchange Partner for Landscape Rewilding in Finland

Linnunsuo at -32. Photo: Antoine Scherer

Linnunsuo at -32. Photo: Antoine Scherer

Finnair has announced today it joins the Landscape Rewilding Programme coordinated by Snowchange for restoration of marshmires, wetlands and habitats relevant for traditional and Indigenous communities in Finland.

Snowchange Cooperative is a Finnish non-profit science and nature conservation organisation, with projects in Siberia, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Finland. For the past 20 years, Snowchange has been a pioneer in combatting climate change through research, restoration and rewilding. Through Finnair’s Push for Change service, customers can support the cooperative’s Landscape Rewilding Programme, where Finnish marshmires, bogs and wetlands are restored. The wetlands and marshmires of the boreal forests are carbon sinks comparable to the rainforests of Amazon, and key for preserving northern biodiversity.

Marshmires are key carbon sinks in the boreal zone and also in global context”, says Tero Mustonen from Snowchange Cooperative. ”By restoring marshmires and wetlands we can create new carbon sinks and restore and preserve habitats for species that are affected by climate change impacts, especially wader birds. Restored wetlands are also important for the local communities. Landscape Rewilding is the largest restoration project on private lands under way in Finland, and we are excited about Finnair’s contribution to this project.

With Finnair’s Push for change service, including both CO2 offsetting and biofuel purchasing, air travelers can offset the CO2 emissions of their flight by supporting CO2 reduction projects, or decrease the CO2 emissions of their flights by purchasing biofuel.

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