Two New Magazine Stories Highlight Snowchange Work in the US

Puruvesi winter seining

Puruvesi winter seining

National Fisherman, a US-based national journal for professional fisheries, published recently a wide-ranging story on the Snowchange fisheries and issues in Kesälahti, North Karelia, Finland. Wooden Boat, another US journal has a story on Arvo Ketolainen, a master of traditional wooden boat building from Karelia.

Snowchange received media attention in the US in Autumn and January 2020 with the publication of two national stories. The National Fisherman highlights issues and climate change impacts to the Puruvesi seining, a fishery that has the first historical records starting at 1300 AD. Geographical indicator, young fishermen and seal issues are discussed.

Wooden Boat, a devoted journal to traditional wooden vessels, has a feature on Arvo Ketolainen, a traditional boat master builder from North Karelia. Arvo’s approach to boat-building and thoughts on revitalisation of the skills and materials used for centuries in Karelia are featured along with original Tero Mustonen photography in the story.

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