BBC Features Snowchange Rewilding Work in Sámi Area and Australia


To celebrate Earth Day, BBC has published a large news story on the Indigenous-led climate action. Snowchange work is featured from the Sámi area in Näätämö river catchment and our cooperation with Indigenous Australians.

The Vainosjoki restoration which was completed in 2019 is featured as an example of merging science and Indigenous knowledge for climate resilience. This work has been funded by the Kone Foundation and the Landscape Rewilding Programme and it began in 2013. It is part of the Näätämö river catchment area co-management actions.

Snowchange regional coordinator for Australia Victor Steffensen has been revitalising Indigenous burns and land management in Australia for 20 years. The BBC story highlights the necessity of increasing the Indigenous-led work for improved fire safety and ecosystem functionality. See here for a post regarding Victor’s work.

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