10,000 Years of Winter Fisheries Endangered: Responses From the Polar North and Why Do They Matter in Global South

Summer seining in Pirkanmaa, 1900s.

Summer seining in Pirkanmaa, 1900s.

Join Snowchange and Global Tapestry of Alternatives on an important online event this Friday 1.30 PM UTC. Tero Mustonen from Snowchange reviews the latest from the boreal and Arctic North and discusses the progress made on the Landscape Rewilding Programme in 2020.

This event is connected with a new paper out today: How to know about waters? Finnish traditional knowledge related to waters. The paper is available here.

These events are a part of the Snowchange20 Week Celebrations around the world.

Please see here for more info and registration.

The event will be available also a record afterwards.


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