New Science Article Outlines Steps for Reform in Alaska


Shoreline of Unalakleet. Brie Van Dam

Shoreline of Unalakleet. Brie Van Dam

Snowchange staff and Indigenous knowledge holders’ text as well as oral histories from over 20 years of work in Alaska have contributed to a new science article “Towards a shared understanding of Arctic climate change and urgency in Alaska“.

Recent years have seen record changes in the Arctic and circumpolar North. Rapid ice loss leading to an unprecedented lack of sea ice in Norton Sound and the greater Bering Sea for two subsequent winters caused cascading impacts on the marine ecosystem and beyond. In this article, we reflect on the underlying causes leading to the urgent situation today, and possible next steps.

We argue here that methodological reform is needed to understand the full magnitude of change currently underway in this region. By broadening our evidence base for understanding the present changes, we would be better positioned to detect changes and respond with what needs to be done in the current grave circumstances.

We dedicate this article to Stanton Katchatag’s memory.

Article is available here.

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