Who Is the Ocean?

Coasts of Taranaki

Coasts of Taranaki

Out today, a new science paper co-authored with several Indigenous and marine communities, asks the profound question – Who is the Ocean?

On the 20th March 2017 the New Zealand government enshrined into law that the Whanganui River is a legal entity, having rights and responsibilities just as a human person. This was perceived as a massive victory for Maori in getting their understanding of the river recognized in a contemporary Common Law system, and points to the central question —who is the Ocean from Indigenous and traditional viewpoints? It points to acknowledgement of the Maori worldview for not just the rivers but the Ocean and all life on Earth.

The article features answers and voices from

  • Unaklakleet, Alaska
  • Kvarken, Finland
  • Greenland
  • Haida Gwaii, Canad
  • Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Indigenous territories of Taiwan
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Aoteoroa
  • Kawawana, Senegal


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