Grey Plover Visits, Several New Rewilding Sites


Late May saw the visit of Grey Plover (Pluvialis squatarola) in Linnunsuo ICCA rewilding wetland. Most likely the rare bird was on its way to the Russian North. Additionally, May saw the inclusion of over 220 hectares to the rewilding sites in Finland.



Several new rewilding sites have been added to the programme in May 2021, with the Landscape Rewilding Programme expanded over 221 hectares. The following sites were added:

  • Kivisuo Paanakka OGF forests expanded the Kivisuo peatland complex with over 40 hectares
  • Korteaapa peatland in Kemijärvi, in Arctic Circle, joined the programme, totaling 55 hectares
  • Matosuo in Soini, Western Finland, 36 hectares is a primary winter habitat for the forest deer
  • Louhineva fen, 90 hectares, is a significant turn for the lake Kuivasjärvi catchment and a home of 2-3 nesting pairs of the southernmost ptarmigan in Finland.
Paanakka aerial view.

Paanakka aerial view.


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