State of the Arctic


Join to listen international speakers to review the State of the Arctic and actions which are possible. An overview of the state of the Arctic and its implications, plus the importance of Indigenous and Community rights, wisdom and engagement will be held on 7th July, 2021.

The first talk in a series of three on ‘Refreezing the Arctic’. Chair Dr Hugh Hunt (Centre for Climate Repair) will be joined by Dr Julie Brigham Grette, John Englander, Dr Tero Mustonen and Dr Michael Bravo for an update on the perilous state of the Arctic, implications of Arctic melting, the realisation of indigenous and community rights and wisdom, and the importance of community engagement in scientific research.

  • Chair: Dr Hugh Hunt, Centre for Climate Repair
  • Professor Julie Brigham Grette: The state of the Arctic
  • John Englander: The challenges and implications of Arctic melting
  • Dr Tero Mustonen: Realization of Indigenous and Community Rights, Climate Change and Traditional Wisdom
  • Dr Michael Bravo: The importance of community engagement

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