Rautavaara (Ruʹvddvääʹrr), Skolt Sámi Indigenous forest area, joins the programme


Rautavaara (Ruʹvddvääʹrr) OGF is a Skolt Sámi Indigenous forest area, totalling 108 hectares of preserved and recovering habitats in the Rautaperäjärvi lake basin has many ecological values left. 

toini4Rautavaara (Ruʹvddvääʹrr) OGF is a Skolt Sámi Indigenous forest in the north boreal. Capercaillies, black grouse and other forest birds can be found here. It is also an important reindeer herding area for the local cooperatives. The site covers most of the Ruʹvddvääʹr fjell and has several small rivers, ponds and other water bodies. The vertical profile of the site is significant as it covers most of the hillside of the Ruʹvddvääʹrr and thus has many ecological sub-sites.

Negotiations with the Sanila family lasted for a few years. Rewilding sites in the Sámi territories are co-governed and contribute to the wider goals of the Näätämö River co-management efforts. It realizes Sámi management rights in practice.

Funds from the St. Andrews Environmental Prize contributed to the process.


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