Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is in Trouble in Finland This Xmas


As we close for the holiday season, a large US media story by Mongabay highlights the troubles of the Inari Sami in Finnish North. 

Mongabay reports:

  • In Finland’s northern Arctic landscape, the Indigenous Inari Sámi community practice a unique form of reindeer herding and fishing based on traditional knowledge of the region’s climate, winds, ecosystem structure and species behavior.
  • The destruction of some of Europe’s last primary forests, along with mining claims and climate change have impacted herding routes, lakes and the availability of important winter foods.
  • The community’s food system is also threatened by the loss of language and youth out-migration, disintegrating traditional knowledge of the forests and waters.
  • This article is one of an eight-part series showcasing Indigenous food systems covered in the most comprehensive FAO report on the topic to date

The article is available here.

With this Snowchange nevertheless wishes everybody a good holiday season and a better, safe 2022!

(Photo: Eero Murtomäki)

(Photo: Eero Murtomäki)

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