Year Kicks Off With Major Conservation News




The Landscape Rewilding Programme and the state of Finland have agreed to formally protect 1139 hectares (apps. 2800 acres) of peatlands and forest ecosystems in the Sub-Arctic. Lands continue to be owned by Snowchange and local community actions, including hunting, berry picking and rewilding actions will be continued.

Today the state environmental authority ELY-Keskus and Snowchange have agreed to conserve and protect in total 1139 hectares of peatland and forest ecosystems which are in the Landscape Rewilding Programme.

More specifically the following sites are now protected formally

  1. Kallansuo, Pudasjärvi (130 ha)
  2. Pitämisuo, Pudasjärvi (77 ha)
  3. Onkineva, Kärsämäki (250 ha)
  4. Kivisuo extension, Muhos (totaling at 682 ha)

All of these sites are regionally major biodiversity hotspots especially for the migratory and nesting birds, CSA sites for carbon stabilization and communally relevant locations.

This level of action represents already a national significance in rewilding and conservation of critically important northern ecosystems. All of the sites can be considered ICCAs – in this case community-conserved areas.

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