May Newsletter: Wild Reindeer, Kuivasjärvi Rewilding Expanded, Cold Weather Continues

Wild reindeer in Kuhmo. Photo: Antti Leinonen

Wild reindeer in Kuhmo. Photo: Antti Leinonen

Spring has brought a cold spell into the Finnish boreal. May fisheries are not yet starting but boats are being tarred and preparations are under way. Staff is preparing for a big rewilding season. 

Global Change Biology has published an overview article on the role of wild reindeer in the Eurasian biocultural systems, available here.

Lake Kuivasjärvi in Western Finland has received a decision of a 47,000 € funding decision to expand the rewilding actions to the northern parts of the catchment. This builds on a large initiative 2019-2022 to restore the Western habitats of this large lake catchment located in Parkano.

Don’t forget to also check out Sámi coordinator Pauliina Feodoroff and other Sámi artists in the Venice Biennale, and here recent documentary film.


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