James Reo Departs to the US After a Year with Snowchange


This week we bid farewell to staff member James Reo, 22-year-old New Yorker, who has been working in the fisheries, rewilding of ecosystems and Sámi Indigenous issues with Snowchange for a year.

Mr. Reo is heading back to the US to complete his university studies. Originally wanting to work for the Siberia programs of Snowchange, James arrived ultimately  to take part in a range of rewilding in Finland in September 2021, as well as in fisheries and Sámi Indigenous environmental monitoring missions.

In the Winter 2021-22 James was a part of the Snowchange seining crew and continued on with the fish traps harvests in summer. Deeply devoted to the environmental, traditional knowledge and Indigenous issues James has been a valuable staff member and Snowchange wishes all the best for his next steps. Come back soon!


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