Spring News: Arctic Passion, Post-Prize, Rewilding On the Way

Spring and into summer in Sámi lands

Spring newsletter reviews the big turns of the winter and spring and looks to the busy summer ahead at HQ.

Spring and early summer are here! A range of updates from across the Snowchange realm:

  • The second General Assembly of the Arctic Passion, a large observation project collected Indigenous delegates from Tahltan and Gwichin and Sámi partners as well as staff of Snowchange into Baveno, Italy. At halfway point, the Arctic Passion represents the largest attempt to bring forwards both the past and present urgencies in 7 Indigenous and Arctic locations. See the news of Arctic Passion also for the updates!
  • The post-Goldman Prize tours and media attention has been a tsunami with over 100 media stories and newscasts around the world and continuous range of visitors to the HQ. We thank all of the good wishes and will be sharing news as summer gets under way.
  • Visit us on 17th June in Tohmajärvi, North Karelia, Finland for the opening of the HQ officially , i.e. the very first Rewilding Center for Finland with panels, films, music and all. The opening is led by Noora Huusari, head of HR in Snowchange and a show of force for the new decades of Snowchange.
  • Koitajoki rewilding work as well as the boreal forest and ICCA work with Sámi communities is in full swing. Additionally we welcome Thomas Miller, recognized film maker who also contributed to the Goldman Prize films in June to continue work on the large Koitajoki film, slated for release in 2025.
  • Other rewilding priorities are under way in Sevettijärvi, Onkamo, Parkano, Suomussalmi and Kuhmo. Extremely important management fisheries are producing dozens of kilograms in lake Sääperi in Tohmajärvi, work led by Lauri and Karoliina.

Check back for a summer newsletter in June! Remember our other websites

  • www.lumikala.com for the fisheries
  • www.snowchangevisualhistories.org for the TEK
  • www.arcticseas.org for the coastal Indigenous work
  • www.landscaperewilding.org for the rewilding programme
  • koitajoki.org for the Koitajoki traditions and rewilding
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