Summer news


Summer is here and a busy, exciting Snowchange time ahead. Summer newsletter captures main news of the season.

Summer has arrived in Karelia and in Finland. Snowchange summer will work across the Arctic and boreal:

  • Rewilding efforts: Rewilding and restoration efforts are under way in Koitajoki basin, where several hundreds of peatland hectares will be restored. Hautaneva peatland in the central Finnish area of Kärsämäki will be restored in August. In the Sámi area the erosion control on lake Sevettijärvi is under way and forest restoration efforts will pick up in July-August.
  • Arctic Indigenous work: In addition to the Sámi partnerships a large community tour and actions in Alaska, Minnesota and in Greenland are planned towards the end of the summer.
  • Fisheries are still under way in lake Sääperi. We look forwards also to have a break in July and resume the fisheries in August.

Finally thanks to all who participated in the big Festival Apaja 2023 in Tohmajärvi! Rock and roll!

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