October-November: Heading to the North Atlantic

Melting palsa mire, October 2023

Snowchange is participating in a Polar Law Summit in the Faroe Islands, and continues the oral history work with the Faroese communities. Rewilding restores hundreds of hectares of peatland ecosystems in Koitajoki. Sámi forest restoration proceeds.

In late October to early November Snowchange staff brings attention to “Atlantica” programme, i.e. work with the North Atlantic subsistence and traditional communities. We ll participate in the 16th Polar Law Summit in Faroe Islands and continue our work with the Faroese hunting and fisheries communities that begun in 2003. Changes to the marine mammal health, ocean pollution, Icelandic sea hunting and gendered ways of knowing will feature during this extensive visit that is connected with the maritime work under the Arctic Passion project.

Endangered Landscapes and Seascapes Programme -supported Koitajoki restoration has brought the recovering peatland landscapes in Haravasuo, Rahesuo, Kurkisuo, Iljansuo and other locations to hundreds of hectares by October. Aini Peltola and other knowledge holders in the villages have shared oral histories, a new river seine was completed and Suomujoki dam removal is also being discussed in Koitajoki. More on these results in December.

Following transformative support from the Swedish Postkod Foundation the restoration of Sámi northern boreal forests has equally proceeded. Last inventory and action steps were concluded just before the winter snows in mid-October. Workshops including lake Onkamo inclusion into the ICCA Registry were held and we ll announce the Onkamo results soon.

Heading into winter we look forwards completing the rewilding season, starting winter seining and science reporting from the field season – check back in November!

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