February Expands Actions on the Wild Forest Reindeer

Wild forest reindeer, Ari Autio, used with permission

February is here and includes actions to support wild forest reindeer, welcoming a new staff member and fisheries on the ice.

In early 2024 we have been able to secure appr. 84 hectares of important rewilding territories in Lauvuskylä, Kuhmo, NE Finland. These land purchases support the eastern herd of the wild forest reindeer (rangifer).

These sites include Kuumunsuo, a pristine 44 hectare peatland which is important habitat for calving and seasonal use for the reindeer. Additionally we welcome biologist Cindy Schwenk to work on the land use patterns, science materials and traditional knowledge associated with the wild reindeer, until September at least.

Fisheries in Puruvesi are in full swing and Snowchange seining teams are working to focus on the seasonal harvests. Spring and sun are soon here again!

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