March Brings Early Spring

Warmed than expected weather brings a start to the bird migration, changes in fisheries and launch of several operational events of 2024. A second print of oral histories of a Sámi knowledge holder is the first Snowchange book of the year.

Early March opened with very warm temperatures after a long winter so far. Large rewilding site in Sodankylä, new book and start of the rewilding season herald the season.

Aslak Ola Aikio, a knowledge holder from Utsjoki was a Sámi hunter and reindeer herder. Snowchange worked with him and his family to document and curate Aslak’s oral histories in early 2000s. In 2012 the much-sought after book was released and quickly sold out. Now, in 2024 we are happy to announce the release of the second print (in Finnish) of this important publication to support Sámi traditions and memory of this remarkable man.

In fisheries Allegra, a US intern has been working the whole winter along Lauri, Karo and Henri in seining. Originally from New York, she has been immersing in the world of winter fisheries in Puruvesi. Warmer weather has brought migratory birds and hints of arrival of spring soon.

Sodankylä forest and peatland complex in February 2024

Landscape Rewilding Programme received a major boost with a 100 hectare peatland-forest complex from Western Sodankylä in Lapland, Finland in early March. This site is partially logged but contains also over 200-years-old primary forests and intact peatlands. It is located next to NATURE 2000 sites and supports interconnectivity and several wading birds and other species. Check the LRP website for more info.

Restoration of Sevettijärvi lake in Skolt Sámi area is slated for completion this spring. On 18th March community workshop will highlight the progress and status of the erosion control work and next steps. Additionally information about the Arctic Passion project will be shared, including the General Assembly in Inari in June 2024.

Lastly we welcome a new staff member, Miia Tuononen, from Lieksa, North Karelia, a biologist who will assume a key role in the Landscape Rewilding Programme and especially peatland restoration and forest questions. A hunter in her freetime and long time conservationist, Miia is an accomplished expert which is urgently needed due to the expansion of the LRP and several new sites in the pipeline over the next few years.

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