May Newsletter – Ryökkylä Village Focus, Pärjänjoki River

A view from Iivananaho, Ryökkylä

Spring arrives. In May traditional Karelian village of Ryökkylä on lake Mekrijärvi is in focus. Additionally a sub-Arctic Pärjänjoki river in the Ii catchment receives support. Management fisheries will commence on Sääperi once the ice leaves.

At the end of April a 8,81 hectare site of Iivananaho, located in the traditional Karelian village of Ryökkylä on lake Mekrijärvi joined Landscape Rewilding Programme. Ryökkylä is one of the rune singing villages of North Karelia that preserved the oral poetry until 1900s. Iivananaho is centrally located and consists of traditional buildings, field biotopes and boreal forests. It is connected to the larger 661 hectare Korvunniemi protected area. Iivananaho will be one of the locations of the Festival of Northern Fishing Traditions in September.

A second important focus area for the Landscape Rewilding Programme in April was located in the Sub-Arctic river of Pärjänjoki. Over 20 hectares of primary boreal forests, including over 100 year old forests and peatlands were added to the programme in this sub-catchment of the Ii basin. Sites are close to the Syöte National Park and constitute examples of exceptional natural value.

As we will have the ice break-up soon the fish trap management fisheries will commence and we will also have the new canning machine to utilize the ide, perch, bream and other delicacies from lake Sääperi! Check back here for news during May!

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