The Snowchange Archives are designed to be a living tool for stakeholders in the work of preserving and using the voices from the communities. 2000-2005 as well as 2005-2022 documentation materials have been archived. In January 2018 we opened the Snowchange Northern Visual Histories web platform that will house many of the community materials from the past and on-going work.

Since 2022, the archives are located at the Snowchange facility in Tohmajärvi, North Karelia.

In early 2011 all Saami materials from Snowchange were stored through repatriation process into Siida Saami Museum in Inari. However, Snowchange will continue to serve requests of this material too so the archives will be shared between the Saami families, Snowchange and Siida.

The Snowchange Cooperative works closely with Digital Library for Indigenous Science Resources at the Tapestry Institute, USA to conduct this work. Thanks to their help the digitalisation and archival has been expanded and quickened.

Despite growing recognition of the importance of traditional knowledge, and awareness of the danger of such knowledge vanishing in a rapidly changing world, very little has actually been done in the way of  scientific work and systematic preservation.

Check our publications for the ways the communities have wished to share their materials through books.

If you have a question or a request regarding the Snowchange Archives, please send an email to